Massage session

Massage session is like a meeting with a best friend and brings relief and joy.

Everyone wants to live a healthy, happy, and full of inspiration life. At the first place of these three wishes is health because without it there is neither happiness nor inspiration. One of the most important key to health is a body, capable of proper dispose of nutrients and effectively put out the toxins. Nutrients enter the body with food, thus exercises and massage help to process them correctly, proper massage helps the body to grow and to regenerate. Besides, massage gives a person relax and rest.

By encouraging nutrients’ circulation in the organism and helping it to release toxins, a massage plays an important role in the process of purification and recovery of a human body. This cleansing role makes massage to be an extremely beneficial method of gaining inspiration and joy of life. Massage awakens the internal resources of the organism, in a way of stimulation the process of protein processing, transformation of different forms of sugar into glucose and the development of various chemical enzymes. With daily practice massage helps to rejuvenate the body.

In India, temple sculptures, calendars and illustrated religious books often portray God Custodian Vishnu reclining on a serpent, and his wife Lakshmi was massaging his feet. So, massage is a favorite type of entertainment even for Vishnu.

Ayurvedic massage

Effect of the massage will be displayed both in the physical and mental levels. In the physical level it maintains vital activity of all systems of organism — immune, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, vascular, muscular, skeletal, digestive and lymphatic. In the mental level the massage provides mine peace and repose, especially in those cases, when the person is filled with sympathy to the masseur. In a word, the massage promotes self-healing.

The massage makes the mind to stop aimless wanderings and provides full relaxation. Self-massage gives the person all the abovementioned blessings, except for the calming touch of another’s hand which itself is capable to work wonders.

The massage has a huge value for people of any age and condition. For children having no opportunity to go in for physical exercises, it is the excellent alternative, allowing accelerating growth and development of organism. For the young vigorous people going in for sports, the massage is just obligatory. Muscular stress received during the trainings, can only be removed with the help of massage.

With years the person gradually loses speed of reaction and mobility. The physical and mental stresses, accumulating day by day, weakens nervous system and harms circulation of the major vital fluids. Exertion, constant feeling of alarm, sensation of dissatisfaction and anxiety, have negative influence on your organism. All these person’s enemies result in his presenilation. For to reduce their influence and to reduce physical and mental overloads, you just can not do without the massage. The massage is also useful to those who suffer sleeplessness or sleep disturbance. Foot massage, salutarily influences the entire organism, and is especially recommended at over-fatigue.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is able to suspend the presenilation, to smooth the wrinkles, to tone up the muscles and to return mobility to the joints. It smoothes the skin, strengthens the nerves and immune system, and also helps your body to keep the proper form and flexibility.

Regular massage, one or two times a week, raises the general resistibility of your organism, endowing the person with patience, self-reliance, self-control, ingenuity and intelligence, sexual activity and physical beauty.

The massage increases generation of white corpuscles and antibodies, thus raising ability of the organism to fight against virus and other infections. It guards the vital activity of the organism and strengthens immune system. Besides due to the massage the person more easily adapts to sudden drops of temperature and atmospheric pressure, and also to the other adverse changes in an environment.

The Ayurveda highly rates the massage and strongly recommends practicing it on a regular basis. Ancient wise men recommended making oil massage four cycles per year for preservation of health and longevity. Such care of the body is considered to be the most refined and harmonious.

Ayurvedic massage renders really salutary influence on the entire organism. It strengthens inflow of fresh oxygen and vital energy in form of nutrients to the organism and owing to this all the body receives additional heat and vivacity. Simultaneously with it toxins are removed from the organism.

Muscles, nerves, bones and all body relax. The massage assists the digestive system, supporting appropriate balance and circulation of gases inside the organism; it improves sleeping, appetite, and in general gives pleasure.

Rubbing, jamming and pressing of muscles, as well as manipulation of influence points (marma), stimulates blood circulation, movement of lymph and hormones, that in its turn, strengthens nervous and immune systems, forcing the senility to recede.

Ayurvedic massage

At overfatigue caused by mental workloads, massage of head, backbone or feet massage is ideal.

Use of ayurvedic medical oil at massage strengthens effect of the massage and removes toxins from the organism. Strengthening of immune system and removal of toxic substances from the organism promotes prolongation of human’s life.

Regular sessions of oil massage strengthen the skin and save it from dryness, maintain its elasticity, prevent many effects of presenilation. Oil softens the skin, prevents callosity, in regular intervals distributes heat on all body and provides healthy shine to your skin. Some oil, remaining on the skin after the massage and the further bathing make your organism steady against sharp temperature drops and adverse external influences.

Ayurvedic massage is carried out in accordance with natural laws of human anatomy and organism circulation and consequently is so effective. Not for nothing it is appreciated by people during many centuries not only in India, but also beyond its limits.

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