Ukraine. Odessa.

You can undergo a course of a real ayurvedic massage in Ukraine, in a beautiful city of Odessa.

Ayurvedic massage

Elena Boyko

Therapist of Ayurveda

Мy experience of massage is over 7 years. I have completed the training of the ayurvedic types of massage in India, state of Kerala (a birthplace of Ayurveda).

I’m running a private practice and continue to learn the Indo Tibetan massage techniques as I see in practice their effectiveness and helpfulness. These techniques reflect indeed wisdom of Indian and Tibetan medicine.

I am a master of sports of handball. I’ve got a higher education (I’ve graduated from Odessa teacher’s training institute, faculty of physical education).


«Ayur Star Health Care Society» «International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine» «International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine»


+380-97-212-99-79 (WhatsApp)

Propose to you:

  • Ayurvedic heard and face massage;
  • Ayurvedic oil massage Abhyanga;
  • Ayurvedic massage Kizhi;
  • Tibetan oil massage Ku Nye;
  • Tibetan points massage;
  • Reflexology (feet massage).
Ayurvedic massage

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Ayurveda in Odessa, Ukraine:

+380-97-212-99-79 (WhatsApp)