Types of massage

Key condition of the maximal efficiency of the massage is its regularity.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic head and face massage

This complicated massage activates deep centers of the brain, points and energy meridians, which positively affect the whole body.

  • Relieves muscle tension and stress effects, smoothes wrinkles and gives a soft expression to the face.
  • Oil strengthens hair roots and stops premature gray hair (especially the black sesame seed oil).
  • Relieves stress in neck, shoulders and face, the energy is harmonized from head to toes.
  • Improves circulation in the head, relaxes muscles which helps to refresh the mind and body, relieve tension and fatigue and improve complexion.
  • Increases the flow of fresh oxygen and glucose to the brain and spinal cord.

Ayurvedic oil massage Abhyanga

Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest medical systems is famous of its oil massage that is called Abhyanga.

The massage is performed in accordance with natural laws of human anatomy and the circulation of energy and includes massage of a head, body and face.

  • Affects not only the physical but also the soul level and circulates in the body a life-giving power, which helps all the systems of the body to recover and regenerate.
  • Correct work with the spine relieves tension throughout the body.
  • Increases vitality, making the body light, flexible and energetic.
  • Removes toxins from the body.
  • Gives the skin a natural shine.
  • Raises the intellectual level, ingenuity and resourcefulness, confidence and beauty.
  • Really it is a massage to relax your Body and Soul.
  • Increases the prana which is a subtle aspect of vata dosha.

Ayurvedic massage Kizhi

On latin — Sastika Pinda Swedam, Choorna Pinda Swedam. It is a especial techniques of massage with application of milk, special type of rice and medical herbs from India.

  • It is good for any types of body (pita, vata, kapha).
  • Maintains attractiveness of your skin, prevents flabbiness of skin.
  • Increases vital forces, provides healthy sleep.
  • Removes toxins from the organism, removes pains in joints.
  • It is the real blessing for people caring about their body and beauty.

Tibetan massage Ku-Nye

The first part of the massage “Ku” includes a full body massage-rubbing with the use of natural oils, joints’ movement techniques and warm up. The second part of “Nye” is the work of the muscles, points and meridians.

  • As a means of a deep rest and relaxation is very important to compensate a busy lifestyle.
  • Tonifies and relaxes the internal muscles, relieves muscle pain.
  • Eliminates the stiffness of the joints, improves posture and graceful movements.
  • Gives flexibility to the spine.
  • Strengthens corporal fire and blood circulation.
  • Increases resistance to diseases, thereby improving the immune system.
  • Massage can help you to feel young, beautiful and healthy.

Tibetan point massage

To support a good health the massage uses 15 key + 10 auxiliary points.

The massage has a positive effect on blood circulation, the skin condition and overall muscle tone. Accompanied by an oil therapy a regularly performed massage brings relief from stress, tension and insomnia.

Foot massage

“A disease will never pick up the one who massages his feet before going to bed, just as the snake never gets close to an eagle”, is an ancient Indian saying.

Foot reflexology is the art of healing the object of which are feet as a reflexion of all the organs of the body, perfectly relieves pain, improves posture and heals organs.

Procedures successfully supplementing the oil massage

Tibetan tradition “Chi” — that is the removal of the oil with flour (chickpeas flour with addition of medical products) is suitable for removing excess of sub cutis and cellulite.

Indian tradition “Ubtan” — that is the paste made from chickpeas flour, oil (mustard) and spices (turmeric) is applied to the face, upper body or whole body. It is a perfect product for skin cleansing and bringing it to a healthy shine.

Take care of your health and live happily!

Ayurvedic medical oils:

  • DHT is recommended for children and pregnant women, makes the skin smooth and healthy and consists of 45 herbs.
  • KST is indispensable for pains in the joints, spine and muscles.

Natural oils:

  • Olive oil relieves muscle tension and is suitable for children and weak people, takes away stress, anxiety, enhances digestion, improves appearance.
  • Sesame oil heals and improves the structure of dry skin, relieves pain, stress and tension, increases energy and strength of the body.
  • Almond oil treats xeroderma and dandruff, soothes the nervous system and refreshes the brain.
  • Avocado oil is used for facial massage and is a perfect cosmetic remedy for wrinkle smoothing.
  • Coconut oil is quickly absorbed through the skin, allows the body to absorb more prana from the atmosphere, gives a healthy shine to hair and helps its rapid grow.
Ayurvedic oil

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